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проникли самозванці 16/10/2011

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Mihaylivskiy Zolotoverhiy

Rag pickers held the gates, their eyes prowling a majestic expanse of flagstones. Hardened professionals with no affectations of serving the unprepared or groveling for sympathy. City-wide, lurking near the entrances of hallowed ground, scarf hawking women demurely proffered their ways in silent desperation that heedless tourists would find themselves blasphemously naked under the gaze of God. Banshees had spawned these sentinels clustered at every gateway, eager for confrontation.

Reconnaissance made contact while we watched hidden within the anonymity of a milling crowd. Savage jabbering assailed the ears and arms flailed with violent spasms. The skirmish was on the verge of the physical when suddenly the din subsided. Tourists slipped through and enraged beggars regrouped, digging in for the next assault.

No one outside the third world can ignore a man drowning in his own shit on the sidewalk like a born and bred San Franciscan. Our home has been corrupted by outsiders, our ranks infiltrated by impostors, our lives a ceaseless torrent of imposed bullshit. Yet this firestorm tempers the soul, wrapping our hearts in chainmail in which we walk impervious to the parade of lunatics, wannabes, con artists and yuppie scum.

No one except Ukrainians. (more…)


Значна фігура з найдавніших часів 22/05/2011

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Ukrainian House

A grim slab haunts the edge of Khreschatyk. An allowance of sunlight is sacrificed to the glory of gravity-defying concrete, intermittently interrupted by squared columns and doorways untarnished by visitors. Constructed in 1982 the Ukrainian House welcomed party-faithful into the life and times of Lenin. In the wake of Soviet collapse boosters found a more lucrative purpose, a conference center for international business, trade shows and consumer events.

Tucked behind progress is a tiled plaza cut from a hillside with a cracked brick and stone cascading fountain keeping nature at bay.Throngs competed for relief amidst the ceaseless flow of water filling Maidan Nezalezhnosti, but here Janice and I were free to wander the receding tiers gushing pale green water. (more…)