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Angoisse Existentielle

Half of my life has been dedicated to working a series of tedious, meaningless, trivial jobs. The rationale, assuming the thought even made it that far, was this allowed me to pursue other things. None of those things seemed to be working out. As the vortex of existence swirled around inside my head I happened to find myself in Paris and experienced an awakening of the senses so profound it left my head spinning. So in these times of economic collapse, record unemployment and worldwide discord I did what any sensible person would: quit my job, moved to a country without knowing the language and decided to try and scratch out a living by writing. Not this writing.

I realize that the URL would insinuate that I am a girl, which would surprise many people who have met me. This was an attempt to remain faithful to the source material but I chickened out and changed the name in the end.

Questions but overwhelmed by timidity. Super-secret anonymous contact below:



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