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What the Fuck is Happening Here? 13/07/2011

Posted by brendan in Avions, Trains et Voitures.
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Zoom In Max

Do the world a favor. Click the picture which takes you to flickr. Click the magnifying glass, enlarge, examine carefully. Tell the world what you see, what you know, what the fuck is happening here.

What did Janice and I miss as we bolted from the onslaught of rain? Safely sitting across the street we watched an as yet explained impossibility unfold. Four headless midgets danced in front of the Holodomor monument, spinning circles as they clutched flowers in their fists. Four secret service looking men held umbrellas above the headless midgets while they performed their sacred rites before escorting everyone back inside a waiting limousine.

The winds died down, leaves settled to the ground. Slowly the black clouds parted and the rain ceased. Minutes later sunlight streamed forth from the heavens.

And suddenly, I was joined by a little friend.

And Then Little Friends Everywhere

Photo of headless midgets and their black ops escorts, as well as the grasshopper on my arm, by Janice.



1. americnjewl - 21/07/2011

did you ever figure out what was going on? this picture creeps me out.

2. Sab - 30/07/2011

Love the story, love the point of view. People are strange, Jim was right…

3. Kyle - 10/08/2011

Hmmm this post is a little weird…goes with the atmosphere! Did you ever figure out the midget situation?

4. Brendan - 20/08/2011

Still clueless as to midget situation. Taking steps in an effort to satiate all curiosity.

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