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Ma Mère Affectueuse 21/12/2009

Posted by brendan in La Vie en Paris.

The entire length of a continent and the depths of the Atlantic cannot stop a mother’s concern for her aimless, feckless offspring. You put yourself out there, share whatever trivial thoughts and anecdotes you can muster, and the end result is the virtual equivalent to having your face spit-shined with a dirty napkin. I love you too, mom.

Although I do notice that you are again expressing disappointment I turned out as white as I did. I blame dad.

Loving Mother



1. Suzanne - 09/01/2010

Happy New Year, Brendan! Your mom’s rad.

blaark - 09/01/2010

Happy New Year to you. My mom is rad, I can’t deny it. However she doesn’t make pie, so that makes you pretty rad.

2. joellen - 18/01/2010

I have a memory of standing just outside of SFSU wainting for the bus when snow began to fall…I was wearing flip flops and pretty much the equivalent of a thin sarape over coveralls. For the first ten years I lived in SF I prentended the weather was really tropical and the day I was in was just a fluke, so things like umbrellas, and water resitant outerwear weren’t really necessary. Life really can be more pleasant when one accepts the facts of weather.
Your mom rocks.
From another…
Jo Ellen

3. blaark - 21/01/2010

I’m learning, I really am learning. Or trying to learn. You would think, having grown up around displaced tourists shivering in their optimistic summer uniforms, that I would be quick to adapt to local protocols concerning dress. Particularly as I loathe the rain. But I cannot bring myself to carry an umbrella, so my coat gets drenched. But it had a hood and there are layers underneath, so I’ve yet to catch my death.

I should double check to see if I brought my plastic poncho. Nothing could cause confusion on the streets of Paris like committing such an outrageous sin against fashion. I’m more willing to be publicly mocked than carry an umbrella.

I don’t view this as not accepting the weather. I view this as meeting it on my own terms. There has even been instances where I’ve worn flip-flops, although not in San Francisco.

And I’m jealous of your experiencing snow there. In all my years, never.

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